The process
If it has been proposed to replace an organ, the first step is to assess the existing instrument as it may be more appropriate to consider refurbishment rather than replacement.  This is particularly so if the existing organ is of historical or musical value.  MPOS has the necessary expertise to do such an assessment.  If a new combination organ is recommended this assessment will also identify any ranks of pipes that could be re-used in the new instrument.
The starting point for the process of designing an organ is the use to which it will be put and the range of music to be played.  Whatever the musical needs, it is extremely important that these are identified and prioritised in order to optimise the size and range of the instrument.
As well as meeting the musical requirements of a church the organ must also be designed to be visually pleasing.  The final design is arrived at after consultation with the customer and MPOS has experience of designing organs with traditional casework or with the pipes on display.
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MPOS has experience of the procedures that a church has to follow to obtain the necessary approvals for a new organ and can assist in the process.
MPOS have partnered with Rodgers Instruments (owned by the Roland Corporation, one of the world’s leading musical manufacturers) for the electronic components of their organs such as the console, amplifiers and speakers.  In the UK, projects for complete combination organs are formally managed by Roland (UK) who represent Rodgers in the UK.  This is beneficial for the customer as there is clear project management responsibility with a single point of contact.
All the elements of the organ are brought together at the MPOS workshop in Swanton Morley, Norfolk where the organ is fully assembled and tested before being delivered to the customer for installation and final voicing.
Case Study, Warwick, UK
St Nicholas' Church in Warwick had a problem. Their existing pipe organ was becoming increasingly unreliable with sticking notes and the occasional complete failure.

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Case Study, Nottingham, UK
St Peter's Church has been a place of worship for over 800 years, and for more than 200 of those years has used a pipe organ to accompany and lead its choir and congregation in song....

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