8th September 2014

Since our last update we have been busy working on various projects, including completing the installation at St John the Baptist at Frenchay near Bristol.  We'll have more details of this and the Sevenoaks projects available shortly. As a company we have also been through a few changes as Mark Booth is no longer a director.  However he remains associated with MPOS, so we continue to be able to use his expertise and skills.

Our most recent project has been the development of a new small 
combination organ consisting of a compact pipe module combined with either a Roland C330 or C380.  The first version has been installed at The Chorister School in Durham, ready to lead their school assemblies in the new term.  More details on this new combination organ are available in our brochure.

11th June 2013

The build of the new organ for St John the Baptist Church, Frenchay, Bristol is continuing on schedule. 

The main chest and regulator have been completed and voicing of the new pipework will begin soon in the workshop. Pipes from the existing organ that are to be re-used will be removed from the church and taken to the workshop during July. 

It is planned for the new organ to be installed during August.

9th April 2013 

The new MPOS/Rodgers organ for St Luke’s Church, Sevenoaks was installed and voiced in time to be used for Easter services. 

The inaugural recital will be given by Paul Isom, organist of St Luke’s, on Friday 28th June at 7:30 pm.  The recital will follow the dedication of the organ by the Bishop of Tonbridge. 

A brief history of previous organs at St Luke’s with a description of the new organ can be found at :

10th December 2012

Work for the new organ for St Luke's in Sevenoaks is progressing well.

Pipework is nearly complete, prior to being put on speech in the workshop, and the upper case has been fitted to the lower section.  We plan to begin work on the inside chest and regulator before the end of the year with final installation in the church scheduled before Easter 2013.

15th November 2012

We've had an article appear in the current edition of Cathedral Music (pages 26-29), published by the Friends of Cathedral Music. Titled "The Third Way" it summarises the development of electronic and combination organs, some things to be considered when choosing an instrument for a church and why a combination organ may be a good choice.

A couple of corrections for the article are the title photograph is of our installation at St Andrew's Cathedral in Singapore and it was taken by David Wilson.  Also, the box-out section on the fourth page was written by Dr. Peter Siepmann, the Director of Music at St Peter's Church, Nottingham.

14th October 2012

The final specification has been agreed and the contract signed for a combination organ at the church of St. John the Baptist, Frenchay (Bristol).  Some preparation has begun but we'll be starting work in earnest as the organ for St Luke’s nears completion (see below).

25th August 2012

With the paperwork complete we're now starting work on a new 3 manual combination organ for St Luke's church in Sevenoaks, to be completed before Easter 2013.
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