About the organs
A combination organ is a pipe organ that combines speaking pipes with electronic pipes.  It is also known as a hybrid organ
Although combining two different technologies, MPOS design the combination organ as a single integrated instrument in the same way as the designer of a traditional organ.  This allows us to take into consideration the specific musical requirements for the instrument and the acoustic properties of the building, together with any space limitations there may be.
MPOS combination organs are based around speaking pipes that represent the musical core of an organ: typically pipes in the Diapason, Principal, Fifteenth and Mixture stops.  Other stops, speaking or electronic, will be linked to the Principal Chorus to produce a wholly integrated instrument.

One of our instruments can be heard at
Existing organs may also be enhanced by using the combination concept.  Speaking pipes can be added to an electronic organ or, more commonly, digital pipes to a traditional organ.  For the latter, MPOS can provide a custom designed electronic module that will extend the organ’s range and flexibility.
The electronic components of MPOS combination organs such as the console, amplifiers and speakers have been supplied by Rodgers Instruments (www.rodgersinstruments.co.uk.).
Case Study, Warwick, UK
St Nicholas' Church in Warwick had a problem. Their existing pipe organ was becoming increasingly unreliable with sticking notes and the occasional complete failure.

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Case Study, Nottingham, UK
St Peter's Church has been a place of worship for over 800 years, and for more than 200 of those years has used a pipe organ to accompany and lead its choir and congregation in song....

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